Here in our smal and new apartment project we can offer you very quiet and relax vacations far from all the bustle. But not to far; you need not more than 5 minuts by bus to Cabarete, the centre of wind-and kitesurfing. We are a smal family business and don't want a lot of tourism.

Our apartment house has 7 units, 4 apartments and 3 studios.

We offer 2 different forms of apartments:

  1. with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom:

      living area,kitchen,bathroom,bedroom,

      view from the balcony                Prices 

  1. with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms:living area,living-dining area,kitchen,bathroom 1,bathroom 2 ,bedroom                                       Prices

each of the apartments are fully equiped with all furniture, fully equiped open kitchen, open living-/dining area and balcony or terrace with own washing machine.

The studios are in the following forms:

  1. 2 studios each for 2 persons with open kitchen, open living-/dining-/sleeping area and separate,dining area,living area,sleeping area,bathroom.                                Prices
  2. 1 studio for 2 persons with open kitchen, open living-/dining area, separate sleeping area, separate room for a child or office and bathroom.      

       kitchen,dining area,living area,living area,living area,

       sleeping area,bathroom,bathroom           Prices       

All of our clients have access to the comun pool with jacuzzi, poolbar with fridge and BBQ in our very nice tropical garden behind the apartment,pool,poolbar and BBQ  





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